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Screen Readers

A screen reader is an essential piece of software for a blind or visually impaired person. Simply put, a screen reader transmits whatever text is displayed on the computer screen into a form that a visually impaired user can process. While the most basic screen readers will not help blind users navigate a computer, those with additional features can give people with visual impairment much more independence.

There are a variety of free screen readers available for free to help the visually impaired access and read website information*:

NV ACCESS https://www.nvaccess.org/

WebAnywhere https://webinsight.cs.washington.edu/wa/

Orca (Linux OS) https://help.gnome.org/users/orca/stable/introduction.html.en

APPLE https://www.apple.com/accessibility/vision/

If you are using a screen reader, you may find it will not read some documents in PDF format. Adobe provides the Adobe Access website that will convert non-accessible PDF files to a format that is useable with a screen reader. The Adobe tool can also be added to your computer as a "plug-in".


Most of the popular Internet browsers offer plug-in software to assist the visually impaired with screen magnification, contrast, and voice-to-text recognition:

Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/ext/22-accessibility

Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wave-accessibility-tool/

Edge https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/wave-evaluation-tool/khapceneeednkiopkkbgkibbdoajpkoj

Safari https://www.apple.com/accessibility/vision/

*Stephen Joseph Inc. does not recommend or endorse any screen reader, browser, or plugin over another but offers these options as suggestions. We recommend a combination of software and browser settings to customize an experience that works best for you.