Stephen Joseph Inc. – Retailer Requirements

To create a fair market for all those selling Stephen Joseph, Inc. products, both on and offline, we require all retailers to sign and adhere to the following requirements in our Retailer Agreement. Stephen Joseph, Inc. brands and products include Stephen Joseph Gifts, Karma Gifts, and Julie + Joe.

Section One: General Retail Requirements (applies to all retailers)
• There is a minimum initial order of $250 and a minimum of $150 for reorders.
• All Stephen Joseph, Inc. products listed on a retailer’s site or online store must be clearly marked under the corresponding Stephen Joseph, Inc. brand name. The Stephen Joseph, Inc. brands (name, image, or logo) must be used only in conjunction with Stephen Joseph, Inc. product.
• All images that will be used (online or print) must be downloaded from www.sjfiles.com for each brand. All custom images, photographs, and artwork must be provided to and approved by Stephen Joseph, Inc. prior to being published. Additionally, you agree to give all intellectual property rights to Stephen Joseph, Inc. on all custom images, photographs, or artwork associated with Stephen Joseph, Inc. products.
• Stephen Joseph, Inc. prohibits the use of price monitoring software in relation to any of our products. All products must be listed in USD, and no product may be listed in an auction format or have a minimum reserve value. All products must be listed at or above minimum advertised pricing (MAP) which is set at double the standard wholesale value on all products. Products may only be listed below MAP after the product has been discontinued and no longer available in the current Stephen Joseph, Inc. catalogs. All discounts or mark-downs on current catalog items must be approved by Stephen Joseph, Inc. before being published.
• Any Stephen Joseph, Inc. products a retailer advertises or lists on a website as “available” must be held in the retailer’s inventory.

Section Two: Retailer Website Only Requirements (sites your own/operate)
• Retailers that are approved as a “Online Retailer Only” for Stephen Joseph, Inc. products may not list product on ANY third-party site.
• All Stephen Joseph, Inc. products sold on a retailer’s website/storefront must have an index page(s) where all Stephen Joseph, Inc. products are listed together. A link to the main index page must be provided within thirty (30) days of initial product listing on a retailers site.

Section Three: Third Party Website Retail Requirements (program is closed)
• Stephen Joseph, Inc. is no longer creating new third-party seller (3P) accounts. We will evaluate and consider top performing online retailers. If you would like to be placed in consideration for this program, please contact our eCommerce
Manager with your request.
• Retailers given approval to sell Stephen Joseph, Inc. product on third party websites may sell on any site they own/operate as well as approved third party sites. If retailers elect to sell on a site they own/operate they must adhere to section two, point two.

I and my company agree to these requirements, and understand Stephen Joseph, Inc. reserves the right to terminate (without notice) any account in violation of this agreement. I understand that violation of this agreement, will also result in Stephen Joseph, Inc. not accepting returns on previously purchased products for any reason. If my account is terminated, I understand any items I have sold and that are returned, for any reason, should be replaced from my remaining inventory or a refund issued to the customer. I understand that if my account is suspended or terminated all active orders (if any) will not be fulfilled.