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Stephen Joseph Inc. – Tips for Successful Online Sales

We value all our online retail accounts and believe that your success is our success. We believe that you are capable of reaching customers and demographics that we aren’t, and are able to partner with us in ensuring growth in the Stephen Joseph brands. While we don’t provide direct marketing support to our online retailers, we do believe there are some key practices that will help you get started selling Stephen Joseph, Inc. product online.

  • Win on value not price: Since we require all retailers to sell our products at or above MAP, when you win on price it typically means you are selling below MAP. Focus on the overall value of the product plus what advantages you have over the competition. For example, free or expedited shipping at ground price, money back guarantees – haggle free returns on product when customers aren’t satisfied.
  • Be creative: While we don’t allow our pricing to fall below MAP, we do allow you to include Stephen Joseph products in sales/promotions. For example, if you are running a back to school promotion for 10% on backpacks, you may apply the discount to the order as long as you do not advertise the product at a discounted or lower price. Please note that these sales/promotions should be limited to one time per quarter. If you are selling a variety of Stephen Joseph products, highlight them as bundles or kits. Often customers will only be looking for one specific item and if you are able to show them options you will pique their interest and frequently they will purchase more than one item.
  • Exclusives: We are committed to your success, and we have found that one of the best ways to ensure your success is to work with you on custom product(s) that are exclusive to you. While this might seem like a large commitment, we have the ability to work with you to make exclusive items affordable and manageable.
  • Think local: As you are aware, Stephen Joseph markets our products nationwide and internationally via our website and has a presence on most major retailer’s websites. Rather than attempting to compete with other large retailers focus on you local/regional market. Not only will you reach customers that we might not be reaching, advertising online for specific markets and demographics is much less expensive and typically has a higher ROI.
  • Prevent and report violations: We work hard to monitor, prevent and shut down retailers in violation of our Retailer Agreement. When you see someone that is Flagrantly violating our agreement please let us know. This not only helps you but our entire network of online retailers, and allows us to better segment the top performing accounts from ones we need to remove from our online retailer network. Please note that we will not disclose any of your information to other companies when you report a violation.

Questions about this agreement or to report violations should be directed to:

Stephen Joseph Inc
Policies Dept
4302 Ironton Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79407